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How To Stop Backbiting for Good?

How do we stop ourselves from backbiting?  I will talk about several things we can apply to our lives to prevent ourselves from backbiting and any other sins whether large or small. 1. Remind ourselves of the serious punishments for backbiting  ...

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Why We Must Always be Thankful?

In Muslim culture, people say Alhamdulah when they are asked “how are you today?”  The  meaning of Alhamdulelah is thank you Allah for everything that you provided me, either good or bad.  Thank you for your bounties and sustenance, for ...

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Why We Participate in Backbiting?

Lets explore the reasons people participate in the evil habit and major sin of backbiting.  If we know why we backbite others, we will understand the behavior our ego.  Every time we initiate backbiting, we will recognize that the ego ...

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