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Welcome to InnerLifePath.com, a website dedicated to articles related to Islam with a focus on spirituality, self-development, Quran, and health.

Islam has everything a person needs to live a happy and fulfilling life and at the same time prepare for the afterlife.  I have created this website so that I can learn more about Islam and how it can be applied to benefit ourselves, and at the same time share with everyone what I have learned.

In order to reach a reality we are destined to live, we should start from our inner life.  If we can elevate our spirit, self,  health, and intellect with proper understanding of God’s message (Quran), we will experience the miraculous in our every day lives.  The inner life is also the path of the heart and it involves polishing the heart.  As we polish our hearts we get closer to God and experience divine bliss.

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