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Creation of Human Beings According to the Quran



Adam Created from Earth Soil


In Surah 15:26 Allah says that he created human beings from dried clay and stinking slime.  Allah used the skin (Adam literally means skin) of the earth as the clay to create Adam.  Allah Almighty used different colors of clay and mixed with different waters, and this explains why there are different skin colors of the descendants of Adam.  Allah Almighty then made him upright and breathed into him the spirit to be alive with senses.

From the (earth) did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall We bring you out once again.  [Surah 20:55]

Creation of Eve 

The holy Quran does not explain how Eve (Hawa in Arabic) was created.  Muslim scholars conceptualize that Eve was created from the ribs of Adam.  The name of Eve or Hawa comes from the word haya which means life.

Adam Appointed as Deputy of Allah Almighty

Allah Almighty appointed his deputy Adam, the first human.   This new creation was to become the highest status of all creatures.   In fact, no other creature was ever granted the honor of being the deputy of Allah Almighty.  Allah Almighty then declared to all the angels that this new creation is his deputy.  

When Allah Almighty said to the angels I am appointing on earth my deputy Adam, the angels responded ” What, will you appoint someone one who will do corruption therein, through disobedience, and shed blood, spilling it through killing; while we glorify, continuously, You with praise; thus, we are more entitled to be Your vicegerents.”  Allah Almighty then responded “‘Assuredly, I know what you know not’, of the benefits of making Adam a vicegerent.”  [Surah 2:30] [1]

Allah Almighty Taught Adam the Names of All Things

Allah Almighty then taught Adam the names of all things name by placing those knowledges in to his heart.  Allah Almighty then presented those names to the Angels and said to them “Now tell me, inform me, the names of these things named, if you speak truly in your claim that I would not create anything more knowledgeable than you, or that you are more deserving of being my deputy on earth. The angels were unable to do so, so they replied “Glory be to you!we possess no knowledge except what you have taught us”.  The Allah Almighty turned to Adam and said “Inform the angels of all things named.” Adam informed the angels of the names.  Allah Almighty address the angels by saying “Did I not tell you that I know the unseen in the heavens and the earth?, what you were keeping secret when you were saying that God would not create anything more knowledgeable or more noble in His eyes than us.[Surah al-Baqara 31-33][1]

And He taught Adam the nature of all things; then He placed them before the angels, and said: “Tell me the nature of these if ye are right.”  [Surah 2:31]

Allah Almighty said to the angels, ‘Prostrate to Adam’, a prostration that is a bow of salutation; so they prostrated, except Iblīs or Satan (the father of the jinn) who refused to prostrate  .He became proud and said “I am better than he [Q. 7:12]”.  Al-Baqara [2:34][1]

Iblis or Satan showed enmity and envy toward human beings because of the honor they received as deputies of Allah Almighty, and this enmity continues until today.  Satan was the most obedient servant and he expected the honor of Allah’s deputy.  Satan said to the angels: “If that one is going to be over me, If Allah Almighty is going to give him that honor, I am never going to accept this from Allah, and I am not going to be obedient to that new creature. ”  This action alone led Allah Almighty to kick Satan out of paradise. [2]

Rain of Suffering and Ecstasy poured upon Adam

When Allah Almighty created Adam, he caused rain of trouble to shower on Adam for forty years, then he caused a rain of ecstasy to shower on him for one year.  This explains the proportion of suffering to pleasure throughout one’s life.  Allah Almighty cause the trouble and suffering to manifest throughout our lives by our interaction with other people.  We may have to deal with others who are only interested in their selfish desires without regards to the wellbeing of their fellow human beings. [3]



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