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Does Allah Almighty Appear in Bad people or only in Good People ?

 Question: Does Allah almighty appear in bad people or only in good people ? 

In the sight of Allah Almighty all are his creatures.  Allah Almighty created goodness and evil to test his servants.  Through good people appear his divine attributes of mercy and beneficence, and through evildoers and tyrants are seen the reflections of his attributes of force, power and retribution.  So, one kind of people are manifestations and so are the others.  Allah Almighty has endless divine names, and every name is a mirror that has reflections in the creation.

 It’s God’s purpose to allow both good and evil to flourish.  Otherwise, how would good people prove their goodness?  If there were no temptation people would have to choose to resist or leave it.  In such case human beings would forfeit the one thing that distinguishes them from the rest of God’s creatures which is freewill. God has established a balance in this life, a balance between good and evil, faith and unbelief, obedience and rebellion.  If the world were suddenly filled with obedient people that balance would be thrown off center.  Our lord has given us free will to choose this way or that, and that is in the exercising of that will that we fulfill our potential.  Nothing pleases Allah more than exercising our willpower to turn away from the pull of the lower self (ego).  Without willpower we are but beasts of the field.  So, if not for evil we would not have access to our highest potential.  This freedom carries responsibilities, as in the end, it will make us answerable for our actions, and Allah will ask : Did I not give you a mind and a conscience with which to distinguish between right and wrong?  Why did you not use the gifts that I gave you, remaining instead unthinking slaves of your egos?

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Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani

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