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What we can Learn from Abraham (as) and his guest about tolerance?

abraham_sacrificeA story that has so much wisdom is Ibrahim or Abraham (as) and his guest.  From this story we can deduce that it is not up to us to judge Allah Almighty’s creatures.  Allah is merciful and taking care of all of his creation irregardless of shape, form, or beliefs.  If someone is alive that means Allah is caring for him or her, and being alive is a special gift from Allah Almighty.  The continuos sustenance of food everyday for you and your family is a clear sign that Allah is blessing you because he is the sustenance provider for all of creation and is confirmed by his divine name, the Sustainer.

Here is the beautiful story of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and his guest which illustrate this idea:

One morning an old man appeared on a camel.  Hazrat Ibrahim was happy. He invited the old man to his home to eat with him The old man accepted the invitation.

In the house they set to eat. Hazrat Ibrahim recited “Bismillah” before taking the food, but the old man did not say anything. Hazrat Ibrahim asked why he did not remember Allah before taking his meal. Was not Allah our Creator, our Nourisher and our Master? Was it not proper to remember Him before partaking of the food provided by Him?

The old man said that it was not the custom in his religion. Hazrat Ibrahim asked him what his religion was. He said that he was one of those who worship fire.

Hazrat Ibrahim was very much annoyed and turned the old man out.

As soon as the old man went away, the angel Jibrail came to Hazrat Ibrahim, from Allah. Jibrail told Hazrat Ibrahim that Allah had been feeding this unbeliever person for seventy years. Could not Hazrat Ibrahim tolerate him for even one meal! Hazrat Ibrahim felt very sorry for this. He immediately ran after the old man. Finally he reached him and persuaded him to return to his house to have food together. He finally succeeded in getting the old man to his home.


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