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A Summary of What Islam brought to all of Mankind



When prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) sent about eighty of his followers to Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia) to escape persecution, the host Christian king Negus asked the leader of the Muslims why they had abandoned the religion of their forefathers.  A courageous answer came from the cousin of the prophet (Pbuh), Ja’far, which summarizes the revolutionary ideas brought by Islam to the Arab bedouins and to all of mankind:

“O King, we were an ignorant people. We used to worship idols and eat carrion. We used to commit any kind of wrong deed that comes to the mind. We would break off ties with our parents and relatives, harm our neighbors, and oppress the weak. While we were in this state, Allah sent us a Prophet from among ourselves. A prophet whose progeny, integrity, trustworthiness, honor, and purity we knew of. He called us to believe in the existence and oneness of Allah, to worship Him, and to abandon the idols that both we and our forefathers worshipped. He commanded us to be forthright, to deliver all that has been entrusted to us to their rightful places, to protect the rights of our relatives, to get along with our neighbors, and to avoid sins and bloodshed. He prohibited us from fornication, lies, encroaching upon the rights of orphans, and slandering honorable women. We have testified to him and his cause. We have submitted to what he brings from Allah and makes known to us. For that reason, our tribe has treated us like an enemy and has tortured us. They inflicted all kinds of torture and persecution to dissuade us from our religion, hinder us from worshipping Allah, and to make us worship their idols. Due to all of these reasons, we abandoned our homeland and homes and came to your country. We sought shelter from you and preferred you to others. We hope not to face torture and injustice in your presence.” 

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